A short progress video

Progress has been slow, I thought having a baby to take care of would give me all the time in the world. Apparently it’s quite busy work, and when you get some time for yourself you are exhausted or just not able to properly focus.

But anyways, I’ve done some improvements to the game and it’s not super far off from being a playable alpha. Although this video mainly shows off the GUI =D

Saving and loading

So, before you go off making your own game, make sure you learn how to properly save and load data. I’ve had to rewrite so much code for it to work properly, but I finally got it working. All player data is now saved (location and health when you move and items when you equip something). Next is the levels and enemies that needs to be saved, but that should be pretty smooth actually.

Inventory system

The inventory system is starting to look pretty sweet, drag and drop-able, they will switch position if you lift one and place it on another, the stats are shown but they actually don’t do anything yet, I’ve not implemented the stats system yet.

The next part for me to do is to properly implement the inventory/equipment system on all enemies and then move on to stats and leveling.

Started working on a 2D Roguelike game

Heyo, a few months ago I started working on a 2D roguelike game, I thought I would create a blog to show off the progress.

Since I’ve been working on it for a while (2 months or so) I’ve already done quite a lot of progress, random dungeon generation, a basic turn system and some simple AI with pathfinding.

I’ve also made an easy system to implement skills and spells, right now the skills charge and shoot works as well as a fireball with splash damage.

The video below is a sample of a randomly generated level with some enemies, all the enemies right now are bats and all the art is terrible programmer art =)